Scouts Aotearoa

We welcome young people between the ages of 5 to 26 and are open to all genders, ethnicities and religions. We are the world’s largest non-formal education institution, serving over 13,000 young people all across New Zealand. There are five youth sections in our Movement.

As a member of Scouts Aotearoa you can undertake a wide range of awards and qualifications. Do you also know that you can also achieve the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award?

The concept of the Award is simple – anyone aged 14 to 24 can do a programme at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

Because Award programmes are all about getting out there, having fun and self-development, everyone can achieve something. You’ll find yourself helping people or the community, getting fitter, developing skills, going on an expedition and at Gold level only, taking part in a residential activity.

If you’re doing your Venturers programme, many activities can also be credited towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

Getting started

Step 1:   Decide which level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award programme you would like to do – this will depend on your age, time commitments etc

Step 2:   Talk to the Award co-ordinator at your club and arrange to register to do your Award programme

Step 3:   Decide with your Leader what you are going to do for each section of your Award programme

Step 4:   Get started! Don’t forget to log your progress on ORB, our online record book, and ask your Assessors to sign off each section as you complete them

Step 5:   Once your Award programme is complete, speak to your Leader or Co-ordinator who will arrange for you to receive your certificate or badge. They can also advise you about starting the next level of the Award if appropriate.

Recognition of Prior Activity

Adventurous Journey

In the case where a participant has undergone Bushcraft training during their time with Scouting and can be assessed as having a skill set that matches The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award requirements, the Venturer or Rover Leader may sign the training pages as shown below on the understanding that the leader has verified that the skills are current and up to the standard required for the DofEIA Level being undertaken.

When registering for an Award level for the first time

Any Scout, Venturer or Rover may claim up to three months RPA for activities that accredit to an Award section (in addition to the Adventurous Journey RPA) provided that sufficient proof is sighted by the Award Leader and the Award Leader is comfortable that those activities took place. This could be activity from the previous Scouting level (Scouts, Venturers) and may only be used once at the Award level the Participant begins their Award journey at. Bronze participants may only use RPA for their major activity.

Vision | Te Whāinga Matua

SCOUTS Aotearoa is about young people going on adventures, experiencing the outdoors, making new connections, gaining confidence and having fun.

Purpose | Te Koronga

Positive Youth Development – Our purpose is to empower young people through adventurous experiences to lead lives that make a positive difference.