The following Award Covid Adaptations will remain in place until 31st December 2022:

  • Award Leaders can waive the requirement for a Practice Journey OR where a Practice has been previously completed, it can be counted as the Qualifying Journey provided the participant is not a direct entrant.

When an Award Leader is confident that the learning outcomes have been achieved in the participant’s Preparation and Training, and that health and safety risk is covered by the Award Unit’s Safety Management System, the Award Leader can choose to waive the Practice Journey requirement provided the following applies:

  • The Award Leader must be confident that the participant is able to do a Qualifying Journey safely and competently.
  • For Silver and Gold, the participant must have completed the previous level.
  • All other Adventurous Journey criteria must be met. You can read these here – How to apply a Covid AJ adaptation
  • Any participants who have or will be turning 25 in the coming months will be given until 31 December 2022 within which to complete their current Award level.  This is applicable at every level of the Award.

The National Office does recognise that there may be a need in some areas for adaptations and will consider these on a case by case basis when Award Leaders submit these in writing to [email protected]

If there are any changes of circumstance with Covid we will move promptly to respond to these and email our community.

Activity Ideas during COVID