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Progressing your Award during COVID-19


Your Award progress may need to be changed as many of the Award activities that usually happen are temporarily closed.  We’re willing to be very flexible in this changing environment so you can continue your Award activities in creative ways to keep your Award progress on track. 

Some key adaptations to the Award have been prepared by the International Award Foundation in response to the COVID-19 environment here

You should be able to return to your usual Award activities when your region returns to Alert Level 1.  You will go back to having an Assessor personally support and mentor you through each of your Award activities at least once every 28 days.  As COVID-19 restrictions ease, you should go back to your usual activities where possible.  We will accept adaptations to your Award up until 31 December 2020. 


If you wish to use the COVID exemptions for your Adventurous Journey you need to get prior consent from your Award Leader.  Your Award Leader will then need to contact National Office so we can update your Online Record Book. 


How to change activities on the Online Record Book

If you are changing your Award activity over the next few weeks you can easily do this on your Online Record Book. Just go to the Award Section (e.g. Physical Recreation), navigate to Overview and then click on Add Additional Activity. That way you can do your new activity for the next few weeks and then continue your previous activity when you can. Any questions about this please let us know.  Email 


Remember when choosing any activity, you need to set some goals and show how you've worked towards these goals.  Take a look at our advice on setting SMART Goals.



  Skills - find your genius!

Progress towards the Skills section is something that can easily be done from home.  If you're doing a Skill like learning a musical instrument, a new language, cooking, or creating art, chances are you have all the tools you need at home to keep working towards your goal.  Take a few photos or a video of your activity so you can show your Assessor the progress you have made.  You can upload these photos to your ORB record too.

If your chosen Skill is too difficult to continue at home, here's some suggestions of other Skills you could do -

  1. Lean a language - check out Duolingo
  2. Learn to cook, try out new recipes on your family!
  3. Paint or draw
  4. Learn to sew
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Learn chess online -
  7. App design and coding
  8. Become eco savvy - work through some of the Department of Conservation's online courses here.  You could do their Bird Indentification Course then head outside and learn what birds are in your backyard.  Take it a step further and build a bird feeder for wild birds!
  9. Card Making - perfect for sending to people while we're all in isolation
  10. Learn and practice meditation or mindfulness


   Voluntary Service - give back

Here are our top ten suggestions of Voluntary Service activities you could undertake at home -

  1. Shop for people who are unable to get to the supermarket and do their own shopping 
  2. Write to or phone older people in your community who are living on their own. Check out opportunities with Age Concern Wellington
  3. Do some graphic design for a charity
  4. Tutor younger students in subjects you're good at - you could do this over the phone or online
  5. Are you a keen knitter? You could knit items for your local hospital's premature babies, check out 27 free patterns here
  6. If you are over 16 years old and are fit and healthy, check out opportunities with the Student Volunteer Army
  7. Online research for charities
  8. Volunteer to translate with Translators without Borders
  9. Make blankets for animal shelters like the SPCA or HUHANZ - you could upcycle old sweatshirts and polar fleece tops into patchwork blankets
  10. Still stuck for an idea that appeals? Start a chat group with other Duke of Ed participants and brainstorm more ideas!


   Physical Recreation - break a sweat!

This section is all about improving fitness and wellbeing.  It's really important to keep this up.

  1. Learn yoga - try using an app or online videos to get started 
  2. Running/jogging/walking - challenge yourself to better your time or distance - remember you MUST stay in your own neighbourhood
  3. Fitness workouts online - check out Les Mills fitness classes on TVNZ
  4. Cycling - but only in your own neighbourhood!
  5. Weights training - if you haven't got weights, get creative with household items, cans of food are a great way to start!
  6. Zumba classes online
  7. Pilates
  8. Skateboarding in your neighbourhood - but NOT at skate parks as these are all out of bounds
  9. Trampolining 
  10. Swimming - if you're lucky enough to have your own pool!


  Adventurous Journey - get wild and explore!

While you can't get out and do your Adventurous Journey at the moment, you can still:

  • spend time planning the route, where you will camp and identify possible challenges
  • start training for your Adventurous Journey.  You need to check with your Award Leader first, you may be able to do online training for Bronze or Silver here
  • Practice pitching a tent in your backyard!
  • Check out what gear you already have, some might need some maintenance that you can do at home


  Gold Residential Project leave your comfort zone

The Gold Residential Project is only undertaken by Gold Award Participants.  If you are doing your Gold Award, you can start researching options for your Gold Residential Project, there are some great ideas on our website here.


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