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Bible Study

This programme is based on the readings of the Scripture Union. At all stages, group work (e.g. discussions) should be encouraged.


For beginners:

Intermediate Readings: These consist mainly of the simpler narrative parts of the Bible. Each passage chosen contains approximately ten verses.


For those with some knowledge:

Standard Readings: These contain 15 to 20 verses, including more difficult parts of the Bible.


For the more advanced:

All - Bible Readings: In this series, each daily passage will normally be a chapter.


Daily procedure:

This is the same throughout, which simplifies continuing from one grade of reading to the next. Young people will be supplied with the appropriate daily reading card which states clearly the passage to be read each day (the grade of readings chosen may be varied at the leader’s discretion). The card for each grade also gives questions which are to be applied to the day’s reading. The reader then records in a notebook as follows:

For beginners - The answer to the one question which is selected by the card.

For those with some knowledge - The answers to any two of the questions given.

For the more advanced - The answers to any three of the questions given.

It is desirable that the notebooks should be submitted to the reader assessor at monthly intervals, and not merely at the end of the period.

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