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Social Nature Movement

What is Social Nature Movement? 

Social Nature Movement is a nationwide Activity Provider that provides the opportunity to complete the Adventurous Journey section of your Award.

At Social Nature Movement you can participate in immersive natural experiences; connecting you with nature and each other in a more conscious and meaningful way. With rafting, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, hiking/tramping, rock climbing, caving and wilderness training, you will be sure of an exciting and unique Adventurous Journey. 

How can Social Nature Movement help you to achieve your Award?

From planning, to training and practice, to completing your Adventurous Journey, SNM can assist you to realise your Adventurous Journey section in a safe, exciting, and challenging environment. Their Duke of Edinburgh training provides good foundations in all fields of the Adventurous Journey awards, with a focus on hands-on practical requirements before going on camp. Their Adventurous Journey options aim to ‘encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery’, so you can gain expedition preparation and planning skills as part of teamwork in the great outdoors to build solid foundations for future adventures.

Social Nature Movement has designed events that cater to all levels of experience, including those that have little outdoor experience.

They can assist you in completing you Bronze, Silver and Gold Adventurous Journeys, training and preparation, practice journey and final journey. 

To find out what opportunities are available for you, check out our Partner Brochure and take a look at their website

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