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On and Off the Field Success – Dormay Laufiso

Young 15 year old woman with Award for representative rugby

Dormay Laufiso is a bright and accomplished young lady who has taken on the Award through the Joshua Foundation. Now, thoroughly invested in the Gold Award process, Dormay is determined to go all the way.

The best way to introduce Dormay’s Award journey is really with her father Leslie’s advice when she was evaluating whether to participate in the programme: “The Award is an open door to express yourself and prove how confident you are in doing anything. Believe in yourself, trust God and push through the stages of the Award. This is also an opportunity to pursue and decide your goals in the future.”

Dormay decided to participate after hearing one of our passionate Award Leaders speak at her school. “I’m that kind of person who loves to try new things and have a go at it and so when Chris (Award Leader Chris Allan) came into our school and introduced the Award to us, I thought to myself why not give it a go?”

There were just as many challenges as there were successes along the way for Dormay. Especially when it came to the Adventurous Journeys. “When I signed up for the Award, I didn’t know that tramping was part of it and when I heard the word tramp- I thought it was the same as camping. So, when we went to our first tramp at lake Lendon, it was challenging for me because it was my first time and I felt like it was a battle between myself and my mindset”.

However, this was quickly overcome, and now this is the section of the Award Dormay enjoys doing the most.  “This is because I get to embrace the beauty of the environment and interact with young people and learn from them knowing that we (young people) can do more than just going on our phones.” Her favourite moment came from her Adventurous Journey during Silver: “my favourite memory of the Award was this tramp, because all I could hear was recipients encouraging one another to keep going and keep moving forward.”

Encouragement has played a key role in Dormay’s Award journey. She received inspiration from everyone involved; from her supportive Award whanau, her enthusiastic Award Leader and her enthusiasm for her own teams, her community, and herself. The encouragement from the coaches who teach her, guide her, and inspire her to be her best self. Most of all, Dormay’s parents who support her, cheer her on, and remind her that win or lose, success or challenge, she’s loved. 

Dormay is a true inspiration, not only with her sporting ability but also with her commitment and dedication in training and preparing for anything ahead. All her coaches consider it “a true pleasure to be a part of her goals and inspirations”. Dormay always continues to improve every day as she’s always pushing and striving to be better than her last result in anything and everything she does. She truly is an amazing dedicated and committed individual.

Dormay’s Physical Recreation section performances are impressive. She represents her region in Rugby and won the South Island league 9’s tournament. Dormay also won the most valuable player award.

New Zealand Rugby has launched the “Love Every Minute” campaign to support the predicted growth in women and girls’ participation this season, thanks to the World Cup success. Dormay’s success bodes well, perhaps we will see her at the next Women’s’ World Cup!

Dormay is also a successful netball player and volleyball player and coach. 

Dormay continues to practice the skills/knowledge she’s developing and has already developed with the Award. Especially service. “I am not only doing it because it is one of the parts of the Award, but I am doing it because it is something that I believe comes naturally to me and so at school I just love helping with whatever I can. For example, every Monday I get to referee the juniors Volleyball games and then on Wednesdays I set up sports for Wahine sports day only.

Dormay continues to work hard even after her schooling has finished. She has been working hard in the Youth Band as they continued to practise for events and concerts/performances at her church. “She’s very committed and a great part of the Team. We love having her here and seeing her do extremely well.” She serves the church as a musician and a singer and plans to continue to serve as an instrument of God.

Participating in the Award has helped Dormay with her career and life path goals exactly as her dad advised. “The Award has helped me a lot. Most obviously with my dream job, which is to become a police officer. As you know it requires a lot of service and more of giving back to the community and by doing the Award it has helped open my eyes on how I should serve my community. Most importantly its taught me to have the right mindset, because if I want to become a police officer and I give up after dealing with one problem – then I believe I’m not the right person for the job. But doing the Award has helped me a lot, especially with decision making and preparing myself with resilience, perseverance, and patience. I have learnt that I should never give up easily and that I should always have a positive mindset of overcoming any obstacles no matter how challenging it is.”

Dormay shares her best piece of advice for someone doing the Award with us; “I‘ll say first and foremost, don’t give up. It may put you out of your comfort zone, but it is worth doing it, because it is a test for your mindset. If you fail, try again but never give up!”

The Award world is one of boundless energy, talent, and unbridled enthusiasm. Where sweat, graft, and toil become badges of honour, and where trying, losing, failing, and learning are not just accepted, but celebrated.

So, let’s sweat, graft, and toil our way to greatness; let’s enjoy the journey; and let’s celebrate every moment along the way. Let’s celebrate the young participants who put their hearts and souls into every game, every skills practice, and every adventure.