Success with access; a meaningful journey for everyone in the Award

Inclusion and accessibility are one of the Award’s key priorities. Karen Ross, National Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award, says the Award’s goal is to create a community where all people, regardless of their health or circumstances can. Long story short, the Award is, “equipping all rangatahi in New Zealand, irrespective of ability.” To celebrate Get Outdoors Week, … Read More

Social Impact Report 2022

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (The Award) gives young people access to high-quality, non-formal education and learning experiences that weave Social Cohesion through Aotearoa’s communities; connecting society, in meaningful ways, at a time when we need it most.

Plenty of Challenges but Abundant Opportunities

Manaaki work to encourage, support, and challenge their disabled clients, preparing them for vocational work and voluntary service in the community, and respecting the dignity and rights of people with disabilities to be contributing members of society. Together with the Award programme Manaaki contribute to building resilience and resourcefulness for participants to thrive and flourish.

Strength, Tenacity and Resilience – Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter completing his Outward Bound journey. Group of people on beach smiling and celebrating.

Completing his Award through Helen Anderson Trust, Nathan Carter, a young autistic man from Canterbury, recently completed his Gold Residential section with his Outward Bound journey. A celebrated runner, he took his experience on the track into the sky and sea as part of his Horizons course. High ropes and a sailing adventure enabled him to push his boundaries and test his limits, and his experience at sea inspired his Adventurous Journey with Spirit of Adventure..

Worth his weight in Gold – Hamish Gilbert

“Often with a disability, it is assumed that you can’t do things. For example, having to battle
to be included, with people assuming I can’t do things instead of looking at ways to help m
succeed. I just wanted to have the same opportunities to achieve like everyone else. In
achieving Gold, I showed myself and others what can be done if you are given an
opportunity and work hard.”