Success with access; a meaningful journey for everyone in the Award

Inclusion and accessibility are one of the Award’s key priorities. Karen Ross, National Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award, says the Award’s goal is to create a community where all people, regardless of their health or circumstances can. Long story short, the Award is, “equipping all rangatahi in New Zealand, irrespective of ability.” To celebrate Get Outdoors Week, … Read More

Ascending the heights; Gold Awardee YouRim Kang

At our August Wellington ceremony this year YouRim, from Christchurch Girl’s High School, received her Gold Award, after progressing through Bronze and Silver levels. She has been a remarkable participant. Endorsed by her teachers, coaches, and supervisors in her efforts for the Award as diligent, faithful, hardworking, and kind. In her volunteer work with children, she demonstrated endless patience and rose to the challenge of teaching and engaging them despite the complexities of working with kids. In her Physical Recreation section YouRim aimed for the heights and ascended them. Quite literally as she improved her rock-climbing skills and took on a leadership role advocating for others to participate.

Creating a valuable legacy with the Award-Andrew Latta

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award supports our rangatahi to realise their potential, and to
develop life skills that will be the key to their future. Andrew Latta
is one such Gold Awardee who
can now open any door he likes.

New National Director for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

From setting strong foundations, to building for growth: The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Hillary Award appoints a new National Director The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award has appointed a new National Director as it looks to grow and enable even more of Aotearoa’s rangatahi to access powerful, internationally-recognised non-formal education and learning opportunities outside the classroom. Emma Brown joins … Read More

Commemorating HRH, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with Memorial Grove Opening

Commemorating HRH, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh – Growing the Duke’s Legacy In a week full of celebrations for the contributions of our Queen over the last 70 years, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award are excited to commemorate and celebrate our founder, and long serving patron, HRH, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh with the opening of Memorial Grove. Together … Read More

Congratulations Robyn Southwood, New Zealand Recipient of the Royal Mint Award – Recognising outstanding volunteers across the globe

Robyn Southwood has dedicated eight years to motivating and supporting the rangatahi of Central Hawkes Bay College. This December, she is the only New Zealander (and one of only 100 around the globe) to receive a Royal Mint Award; a commemorative coin created to acknowledge the outstanding volunteer Award Leaders of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Royal Mint, … Read More