On and Off the Field Success – Dormay Laufiso

Young 15 year old woman with Award for representative rugby

Dormay Laufiso is a bright and accomplished young lady who has taken on the Award through the Joshua Foundation. Now, thoroughly invested in the Gold Award process, Dormay is determined to go all the way. The best way to introduce Dormay’s Award journey is really with her father Leslie’s advice when she was evaluating whether to participate in the programme: … Read More

Leading with Gold

Award Leaders are the heart of our Award community, and they make everything possible for the rangatahi of Aotearoa. One strong heartbeat belongs to Hamish Bell.

Strength, Tenacity and Resilience – Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter completing his Outward Bound journey. Group of people on beach smiling and celebrating.

Completing his Award through Helen Anderson Trust, Nathan Carter, a young autistic man from Canterbury, recently completed his Gold Residential section with his Outward Bound journey. A celebrated runner, he took his experience on the track into the sky and sea as part of his Horizons course. High ropes and a sailing adventure enabled him to push his boundaries and test his limits, and his experience at sea inspired his Adventurous Journey with Spirit of Adventure..

Worth his weight in Gold – Hamish Gilbert

“Often with a disability, it is assumed that you can’t do things. For example, having to battle
to be included, with people assuming I can’t do things instead of looking at ways to help m
succeed. I just wanted to have the same opportunities to achieve like everyone else. In
achieving Gold, I showed myself and others what can be done if you are given an
opportunity and work hard.”


Ascending the heights; Gold Awardee YouRim Kang

At our August Wellington ceremony this year YouRim, from Christchurch Girl’s High School, received her Gold Award, after progressing through Bronze and Silver levels. She has been a remarkable participant. Endorsed by her teachers, coaches, and supervisors in her efforts for the Award as diligent, faithful, hardworking, and kind. In her volunteer work with children, she demonstrated endless patience and rose to the challenge of teaching and engaging them despite the complexities of working with kids. In her Physical Recreation section YouRim aimed for the heights and ascended them. Quite literally as she improved her rock-climbing skills and took on a leadership role advocating for others to participate.

Roots and branches – Bearing fruit for Award alumni

Completing his Gold Award in 2003, Dan Howell embodies the transformation that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award can have. For Dan, the Award helped him “grow roots”, gave him opportunities to branch out, and bore bountiful fruit. For Dan, the Award helped create his mindset. 

Creating a valuable legacy with the Award-Andrew Latta

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award supports our rangatahi to realise their potential, and to
develop life skills that will be the key to their future. Andrew Latta
is one such Gold Awardee who
can now open any door he likes.