Award Updates

Supporting more rangatahi to take up the challenge

Wednesday 31 May 2023

We believe every young person has infinite potential; that’s why we’re here. We partner with some incredible organisations to help break down barriers, so more rangatahi can access the Award across the motu, every single day.

For some young people, accessing the Award may be difficult. Where this is the case, there are several ways that we can support, to ensure that everyone can get involved:

Flexibilities and Exemptions

Since the pandemic, we’ve introduced flexibilities into the Award framework that can enable young people to continue to participate, even when it may be more difficult to do so, or when access is limited. We have also offered exemptions in response to recent weather events, especially around the Adventurous Journey section. This enabled those affected to continue the Award whilst ensuing their safety. You can find out more about our exemptions and flexibilities on our website.

Enabling financial support

We recognise that for some, money may be a barrier which stops them from accessing the Award. So to ensure that all young people can access it, we have programmes in place to offer financial support, where required. We work closely with Award Leaders across the country to help support those who need it. Whether it’s covering registration fees or costs associated with activities, the generous support of our partners allows us to enable more young people to get involved, where they may not be able to do so otherwise.

Upskilling organisations and communities

The Award works with incredible organisations around Aotearoa and we work hard to ensure that they have the training and resources they need to deliver the Award effectively. We continue to build upon this activity every day.

In addition to this, as part of our funded activity, we provide additional funding to some organisations to help increase their capacity and capabilities around Award delivery, especially where they are working with rangatahi who may be facing disadvantage.  We are also working to build up regional networks across Aotearoa, so organisations can share best practice and build knowledge.

Watch this space for more!

These are just a few examples of how we’re working to enable our whānau to support even more rangatahi across the motu. It’s thanks to our amazing partners and many supporters that we can keep opportunities open to rangatahi, especially during challenging times. You can find out more about our partners on our website.