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Experienced Award Leader


Who are Award Leaders?

An Award Leader is the frontline of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (the Award) and is a person who works, or volunteers, with youth as part of a larger organisation, such as a school, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, or community organisation. An Award Leader is the most important and influential person to young people taking part in the Award and their aim is to help young people achieve their Award and be recognised for their achievement.


Award Leader Accreditation in New Zealand

    • Has completed, and passed, the Award’s online training modules for Award Leaders.
    • Has met the Child Protection requirements of the Award.


Key attributes of an Experienced Award Leader:

    • Helping young people to develop and extend themselves by encouraging them to complete more advanced levels of the Award.
    • Supporting young people and colleagues to competently use the online resources of the Award.
    • Actively keeping up-to-date with any changes in the Award programme and communicating these changes to the young people they support.
    • Celebrating achievement through organising presentations for young people who have gained their Award.
    • Sharing stories and news about their group and participants.
    • Leading other Award Leaders and volunteers in their organisation and supporting them to understand the requirements of the Award programme.
    • Understands their organisation’s Safety Management System and Child Protection policies and always works within these policies.
    • Gives feedback to the Award around trends they are seeing, recommendations for improvement or new ideas around Award delivery.


Key Skills and Experiences of an Experienced Award Leader:

    • Experienced in working with young people and supporting them to develop new skills, self-confidence and to engage with their local communities and environment.
    • Being part of an internationally recognised Award programme with transferable skills and experience.
    • Good organisational and communication skills.
    • Competent user of the Award’s online resources including the Online Record Book.
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