An Open Award Centre is a way for you to complete the Award when the Award is not offered at your school or local organisation

Adventurous Journey – Fox Glacier

Open Award Centres

An Open Award Centre is a way for you to complete the Award when the Award is not offered at your school or local organisation. Open Award Centres can also support you if you have left school or your current Award Unit and are wanting to complete your Award.

An Open Award Centre has a license to run the Award which means:

  • There is a trained Award Leader who is police vetted by the Award every two years and who can provide information and support to participants completing the Award.
  • The Open Award Centre has confirmed that they:
    • Have a Safety Management in Place
    • Have a Child Protection Policy in Place
    • Work in accordance with Ara Taiohi Code of Ethics

If you have any further questions around completing your Award through an Open Award Centre, please contact us at [email protected] or 0800 69 29 27.

Virtual Award Centre

Participants who are unable to do their Award through a local school, group or other organisation can do their Award through the Virtual Award Centre.

The Virtual Office provides assistance solely for the purpose of providing the Participant with guidance and information on whether they are complying with the Award Programme framework, and whether they have completed various levels/sections. The Participant is responsible for selecting their activities and assessors and the Virtual Centre has no control or oversight of the day to day partaking in the selected activity.

Completing the Award this way does require the participant to be self-motivated and to seek out opportunities themselves. 

Unlike some Award Units, the Virtual Award Centre does not run any component of the Adventurous Journey Section.  Any participant completing their Award through the Virtual Award Centre must complete their Adventurous Journey Section through one of the listed Award Providers on our website here.

The Virtual Award Centre is Level 3 Social Sector Accredited by the Ministry of Social Development, and all staff are police vetted every two years.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0800 69 29 27