With NCEA currently undergoing major changes we have had to put our NCEA assessments on hold for the time being. If you have provided the National Office with Assessments prior to 30th November 2022 these will still be marked.
Voluntary service – conservation


Award participants can now apply for a range of NCEA credits while they are doing each level of the Award. These credits are all in the vocational skills area.

You need to be proactive and apply for these credits at the same time you are completing your Award.  Applying for these credits will require you to complete the relevant assessment.  Some of the assessments have an observation or feedback element that needs to be witnessed and completed in the moment by an adult or peer, therefore participants cannot apply for credits after they have completed their Award. Please note: the adult or peer cannot be a family member.

The cost to have each assessment checked and signed off by our external provider, Capital Training, is  $11 for a 2 credit unit standard, $16 for a 3 credit unit standard and $21 for a 4 credit unit standard.

If you do not pass your assessment the cost for a second Marking is  $5 for a 2 credit unit standard, $7 for a 3 credit unit standard and $10 for a 4 credit unit standard..  You will be provided with written comments of why your assessment failed and what you need to do to pass.

Following is a comprehensive list of the credits you can apply for at each level of the Award.  You can pick and choose which assessments you want to do, you're not required to do all of them. These credits are pass/fail and will only appear on your record once passed.

Please note that these assessments are specifically designed for Award participants only, you are only eligible to complete these assessments if you are currently doing the Award.

Process for applying for credits

Step 1.

Choose the Unit standards you wish to apply for.

Step 2.

Download the Assessment Form and complete it. Some of the Assessments require observations from an adult or peer. (Family members cannot be used).

Step 3.

When you've finished your assessment, check that you've completed every section of the form.

Step 4.

Send the completed form to us electronically - scan it and email it to [email protected]

Step 5.

Once we have received your forms electronically we will send you an invoice for payment. We pass this payment on to Capital Training, our external provider. Please note: We will not send your assessment to be marked until we receive payment.

Step 6.

We'll send your completed form to Capital Training who will assess it and will award credits where earnt.

Step 7.

The credit you earn will be added to your National Student ID.

Step 8.

If your assessment does not pass you can resubmit for assessment at a cost (see above).

Any questions please email [email protected]

Note for home schooled students only:
You must have an National Student Number (NSN) to be able to complete these assessments. Capital Training can issue you with an NSN if you don't already have one. BEFORE completing any assessments, you must send a verified copy of your birth certificate to Capital Training - [email protected]

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Unit standard assessments at each level

All of these assessments have been designed for Award participants, you are only eligible to apply if you are currently registered and doing the Award.