You have done the Mahi for your Award. Now let your Award work for you!

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You’ve demonstrated commitment, resilience, perseverance, personal growth, and leadership, and turned potential into accomplishment. So, what now? Leverage your Award skills and experience and embrace the community your journey has created for you. Here’s how you can use your Award to shape your future.

Having your Duke of Ed Award looks great on tertiary study applications, scholarships, CVs and resumes. Whether applying for tertiary study or about to enter the work force, the Award shows commitment and achievement, as well as dedication to a variety of activities. It also gives you an opportunity to talk about themselves and your passions outside of formal education.

Don’t forget to let potential universities or employers know about any aspects of your Award you’ve kept up after you completed it, and the skills you learned during your participation. This demonstrates you’ve set up good habits, grow from your challenges, and continue to develop your skills. That you are motivated to work hard and have the ability to get along well with other people.

You can utilise your Award experiences to demonstrate to employers what you are capable of and how you learnt key skills. You would have learned effective communication, teamwork, and leadership within your Adventurous Journey. Likely empathy and patience may have been required when helping your peers achieve their Awards too. You would have learned commitment, dedication, and time management skills in your Skills section, and learned how to create SMART goals to work towards. Your Volunteering Service might have required adaptiveness and flexibility, as well as the ability to work hard and with a passion. You would have had experience working with a mentor and they may even endorse your application. You may have even surprised yourself with your ability to problem-solve while carrying out your Volunteering Service. It’s skills and experiences like these that employers are keen to hear about, so use your Award experiences when you’re asked how you demonstrate these skills and attributes.

Whatever you chose to do for your Award, no doubt you had fun, challenged yourself, and experienced adventure and growth. All those experiences have equipped you with additional skills that will help you throughout your personal and professional life – you developed transferrable skills. Transferrable skills are crucial to success in everyday life, they are also extremely attractive to employers.

What are Transferrable Skills?​

Transferrable skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with others. Examples of these are a positive attitude, self-confidence, ability to accept and learn from criticism. You may be surprised at what a huge difference these skills can make in your professional life – more employers than ever are looking for employees that can demonstrate these effective skills, because it leads to a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Explore the list below and leverage them to shape your future.


Digital Badges

Adding your Award to your CV and LinkedIn profile will enable you to stand out from the crowd. The skills and experiences you’ve gained through the Award demonstrate to employers and post-secondary institutions that you have the qualities they look for. One way to do so is to display your Award credentials as digital badges. These can be utilised on LinkedIn, and on your CV and digital identity.

You will be sent this information in an email on completion of your Award.