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Physical Recreation – Dragon Boating

Types of Award Deliverers

The Award is delivered in New Zealand by organisations that are licensed to do so by the National Office.

Award Units

Award Units are organisations (such as schools, community organisations, youth clubs, uniformed groups and sports groups) that are licenced to deliver the Award. An Award unit will have at least one Award Leader who has received Award specific training and works with young people to support them to register, participate and complete the Award.

Award Leaders are the main points of contact for the Award Unit. Their role is to run the Award for their organisation and to monitor, discuss, encourage, and motivate participants to reach their goals.

To receive a licence and become an Award Unit, your Award Leader/s will be trained for the vital and rewarding role of running the Award within your organisation.

Being an Award Leader and mentoring young people to complete their Award is an extremely enriching experience.

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Open Award Centres

Regional specific Award Units who will work with any young person in their region who wishes to take part in the Award but cannot do it through their school or community group.
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Award Providers (APs)

Award Providers (APs) are licenced to provide specific Sections of the Award. Becoming an AP means you meet the quality standards to deliver the Activity covered by the licence.

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