Adventurous Journey Levy Policy

Aim of the Policy
The Award operates as a Licenced brand.  The Licence to deliver the Award is granted internationally to National Award Operators (NAO) and International Award Centres (IAC) by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award foundation.  The association with the Award is a business advantage and gives the provider licence to use the Brand.

Managing the Brand is a condition of the NAO's Licence and has associated costs. Businesses using the brand are to be charged for the privilege and access to participants.

Criteria and Process
Award Providers (APs) running the Adventurous Journey or Gold Residential Project sections are charged an annual licence fee $115 (GST inclusive).

  • This has been reduced 80% on the previous level
  • The rationale for this is to charge a reduced rate and have a Levy based on service delivery. This is an equitable way to charge.
  • The Levy will be $5.00 including GST per activity
  • The Levy will apply to ‘for profit’ businesses providing Adventurous Journey, (Training & Preparation, Practice and Qualifying Journey) and/or Residential activity
  • Agencies operating as charities will not be charged
  • Levies will be paid monthly