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Gold is the third and final level of the Award, and takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. If you have not completed Bronze and Silver there are extra requirements, you can read about them here.

You can start your Gold Award from the age of 16.

There are three specific sections—Voluntary Service, Skills and Physical Recreation—that you'll choose your activities from, plus an Adventurous Journey and a Gold Residential Project (a Gold-only section) to complete.

The table below gives you a good idea of what time is involved for each section. If you're already playing a sport, learning a skill (e.g. learning to drive or play a musical instrument), or helping others in your community, once registered, you will be able to use these activities to count towards your required hours:


Download the Guide for Gold Award Participants  to find out more.


Register here for Gold

If you have completed Silver online then please ask your Award Leader to invite you to the Gold Level of the Award.


Gold Ceremonies 

In New Zealand

Once you have finished your Gold Award and had it signed off by National Office, you'll be invited to attend a Gold Award Ceremony. Ceremonies are a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate your accomplishments.  Ceremonies may already be full so please check with the National Office before you make any travel/accommodation arrangements. (We will make contact with you via email approximately eight weeks before the ceremony if you have been included.)

If you currently have a school-based email address, please contact us to give an alternative email address prior to leaving school. 

You need to have your Gold Award finalised by National Office at least 12 weeks prior to the ceremony you wish to attend, in order to be considered for that particular ceremony.

We cannot guarantee that everyone will get into each ceremony.

Note that dates are subject to the Governor-General's availability and can change.


If you have completed your Gold Award (and received confirmation from the National Office) and are heading off overseas, it may be possible to have your Gold Award certificate and badge presented in the country you are going to.
Things to consider are ...

  • Will you be in the country long enough to be included in a presentation? (You must be resident for at least 24 months in the United Kingdom to be considered).
  • Does the country you are going to offer the Award? (check The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award website to see if it does).
    If you can answer "yes" to the above then contact the National Office for further information and the correct paperwork.
  • Please note that we can not guarantee your inclusion in ceremonies overseas.


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