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Kākāriki Journey - Skills section

You have the option of doing a variety of activities to make up your Kākāriki Skills section. These are some examples of things you could do:

  • Sustainable living - learn how to make beeswax wraps and practice making them, learn to make kombucha and develop your own flavours!
  • Science savvy - become an eco scientist and learn some analysis skills - do a project with Citizen Science or analyse your local beach rubbish with Litter Intelligence, restore a local habitat eg: learn how to care for the land, plant the right plants, learn which plants will attract native wildlife
  • Eco products - learn how to make environmentally friendly cleaners, learn how to make natural skincare and practice making them
  • Garden to Table - learn how to grow your own vegetables and learn how to cook with them
  • Conscious Clothing - upcycle some clothing, repurpose clothing eg: make rag rugs from old t-shirts, turn old shirts into shopping bags, turn old jeans into a shoulder bag - check out some cool denim upcycling ideas
  • Upcycling your Recycling - check out these cool ways of upcycling plastic bottles
  • Be kind to the planet and upcycle your recycling - check out these cool projects
  • Be kind to the planet and upcycle your recycling - check out these cool projects

Many local councils, libraries and recycling centres run a range of courses that would be great for the Kākāriki Skills section.  Once you've done a course, you can spend time practicing and perfecting your skill.



Case Studies

Mia* volunteers at her local community garden for her service. For her skills sections she found a number of short local courses and workshops at her library and local organisations to learn about urban gardening, composting and worm farms.

Oliver* has taken up beekeeping as his skill for his kākāriki journey and is also learning to make products from the hive including making beeswax wraps.

Aimee* is interested in birds and has got involved in some citizen science projects for her skill section.  She is carrying out the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey to contributes to The Great Kererū Count as well as regularly contributing to the eBird project (worldwide online citizen science (OCS) project collating bird species, numbers, locations and times of sightings into a large database).


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