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Participant Assistance Fund



The Participant Assistance Fund has been set up to:

  1. Ensure participants currently enrolled in the Award are assured the change in fees will not restrict access to these young people to continuing with the Award
  2. Provide support for participants enrolling to do the Award who find the fee is a barrier.
  3. Offer limited support, on a case by case basis, for Adventurous Journey support
  4. Provide support for Award Unit fee support, in particular circumstances



  1. The financial assistance provided by the fund is to be a portion of the Award level fee and not the full amount.
  2. The level of financial assistance will be approved by the National Director. This is to ensure the process is as discreet and seamless as possible. Forms once approved will be scanned and filed with the Finance Advisor, for audit purposes.
  3. The application for assistance is to be made through and at the discretion of the Award Unit Leader. Need will be determined by the leader and a request made to the National office for assistance.
  4. There will be two levels of assistance.      

               4.1  Top up assistance at Bronze and Silver Level up to $50 
               4.2  Top up assistance at Gold award level up to $80

          5. In addition, the National office will have the discretion of offering participants with Adventurous Journey assistance of up to $200.

  6.  Award Unit will apply for financial support using application form.    

There is an expectation that a participant receiving assistance will:

-Make every attempt to complete the registration supported

-Complete the Bronze and Silver level provided with assistance within 12 months

-Complete the Gold level provided with assistance within 24 months


Please scan and email your completed form to




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