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What is an Assessor?

  • An assessor is a suitably skilled, experienced and/or qualified adult in the participant’s chosen activity, but cannot be a family member. Their role is to engage with participants and offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement.
  • Assessors both help participants set goals for their chosen activity and assess whether or not they have undertaken the required regular effort and have striven to achieve their goals.
  • Assessors should be chosen early on to help participants set achievable goals for their chosen activities.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be suitably experienced and qualified in the activity in which they are assessing and understand the relevant requirements for the section.
  • Assist the participant to identify and set achievable goals for the section they are assessing and help develop a programme to reach their goals.
  • Sign the participants Online Record Book assessment form to verify they have completed the activities as logged and write a brief comment on the participant’s activity, attitude and progression.
  • Have regular contact with the participant. The frequency will depend on the activity and independence of the participant. Ideally this will be every 2-4 weeks.


Does the Assessor have to sign off the activity?

The Assessor’s report is a key component of an Award being signed off and testifies that the participant has completed their activity as logged in the Online Record Book and, especially with the Adventurous Journey, their report shows that the participant has sufficient knowledge and experience to complete the next section of the Award. If an Assessor does not feel that the participant has met the requirements of the Adventurous Journey Section, or has made sufficient progress to achieving their set goal the Assessor does not have to sign off the activity as completed. They can either reject this application on the ORB Assessor Report or contact the participant’s Award Leader or the Award National Office (0800 69 29 27) to discuss their concerns.


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