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What is an Assessor?

An Assessor is a suitably skilled, experienced and/or qualified volunteer who can assist with, and assess, an activity being undertaken by a participant for a particular Section (i.e. Physical Recreation, Skills, Service - or Residential Project for Gold Level).

What does an Assessor do?

As an Assessor, you'll offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement to participants as they undertake the section of the Award that you are assessing. You'll assess a participant's involvement, and improvement, in their chosen activity for as long as it takes them to complete the Award, signing off their Record Books and writing short reports for them once they have met their time requirements. There is no competition between participants and no set standards as to what they should achieve.

Who can be an Assessor?

An Assessor can be an appropriately-skilled volunteer or an Award Leader (if they are suitably knowledgeable about the activity being assessed) but an Assessor cannot be a family member.

What should be included in an Assessors Report?

  1. A comment on anything that they did particularly well.
  2. A comment on their effort, how often they participated in the chosen activity and about any improvement that they have made.
  3. The start and end date that the participant did the chosen activity for.
  4. For the Residential Project, a comment should also be made regarding how many people the participant knew prior to their participation in this section.
  5. Sign-off the activity in the participant's Online Record Book once they have completed it, and date it. Also state any relevant qualifications you have.

If you are not satisfied that the participant has met the required criteria (length of time, regularity of commitment, activity done in their free time etc. ) then please do not sign the Record Book. You can contact us to discuss your concerns, or talk to the participant's Award Leader.

  • The Adventurous Journey section requires training to be undertaken before the activity is started and the training is verified and dated in the Online Record Book.
  • Participants are free to select as broad or as restricted an aspect of the chosen interest as they wish. It is not a rigid syllabus, except where safety is concerned.
  • Any activity done prior to the participant registering for the Award cannot be counted. The start date of the Award should be recorded in the participant's Online Record Book.
  • Involvement in the Adventurous Journey section requires you to communicate with the participant's Award Leader to ensure that you are aware of all of the requirements of this section. Because of the nature of Adventurous Journey expeditions, there are slightly different rules in place for Expedition Assessors.


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