Greenfield Forest School

The Greenfield Forest School is a social enterprise working for the sustainable future of New Zealand. They are a qualified Open Award Centre. Their responsibility is to support young people aged 13-24 to safely and securely complete the challenge of the Award. They help you build resilience, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility through completing the Award!!

•	They speak both English and Chinese.
•	They provide small-group training and practice and qualifying adventurous journeys.
•	They introduce you to Volunteering Service opportunities.
•	They provide the Residential Project for Gold participants.
•	They deliver skills training courses online that are good for participants with Kākāriki Journey.

They offer the Kākāriki Journey – which requires participants do any level of the Award with an environmental and sustainable focus. Their Award Leader Nigel Zhang (aka. Mr Tuatara) has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of climate change and sustainable development at the United Nations, national and local governments. He is also the Conversation Hero 2021 by the Department of Conservation New Zealand (DOC). His knowledge, experience, and passion will be your treasure during your Kākāriki Journey.

The Greenfield Forest School is an Open Award Centre based in Auckland. This means they will assist you through your Award journey. You will be assigned an Award Leader who will assist you to do the Award.

Greenfield run a range of programmes which covers the training, practice and qualifying journey for all levels of the Award.

They also cover the Residential Project. The Greenfield Forest School in New Zealand created the YES! Camp, Youth Extracurriculars for Sustainability Camp, in 2017. At YES! Camp, we encourage young people to:
• reconnect with nature
• respect nature by learning in an authentic environment
• reengage with nature through conservation actions

Vision | Te Whāinga Matua

Changing lives in a changing world

Purpose | Te Koronga

To shape the youth of today for a better future