Peak Performance Solutions (Online training)

Peak Performance Solutions goal is for all who enjoy the outdoors to have the skills and knowledge to function in and respect outdoor environments.


Peak Performance Solutions offer online training courses that align with the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Award as well as offering Leaders/Instructors more skills and knowledge through their online bushcraft courses.  Online Training is a cost effective way of learning bushcraft skills in your own time that fits your schedule. 

If you are looking at teaching a bushcraft in-person programme and don’t have teaching material, they have also produced three manuals for teaching bushcraft fundamentals, available for purchase on kindle.

Whether you are looking to upskill, a place to visit, some bushcraft tips on anything outdoors or some know how advice from seasoned professionals, there is bound to be something of use in one of their blogs that can help equip you with a better outdoor experience.

Peak Performance Solutions are here to support you to have the skills and to have a safe and unforgettable but enjoyable outdoor adventure.


Point of contact

027 577 7583