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What is an Exploration?

An Exploration is a purpose with a journey. The primary focus of an Exploration is to observe and collect information relevant to the purpose.

What's the difference between an Exploration and an Expedition?

While both require participants to be outdoors and engaged in some form of activity, an Exploration focuses less on the journey and more on the project or purpose itself, while the focus of an Expedition is the journey itself e.g.:

 That said, the journeying aspect of an Exploration remains significant - a minimum of one third of the daily purposeful effort needs to be spent journeying:

An Exploration requires a lot of prior planning. The group should have an activity plan for each day, together with clearly defined goals and expected outcomes. It is not an 'easy' option; rather, it is a more academic option requiring more effort on the project itself, to balance the reduced amount of travelling involved.

What sort of activities count as an Exploration?

It could be:

  • Physical - e.g. caving, climbing, biking etc.
  • Artistic - e.g. painting, sketching, photography, sculpture etc.
  • Academic - e.g. scientific studies or surveys

What are the requirements for an Exploration?

Mostly, the requirements for an Exploration are the same as an Expedition in terms of:

  • the duration
  • where you go
  • how you get there
  • the Training and Practice requirements.

However, Explorations do not have to camp at a different campsite every night (like Expeditions do). A base camp can be set up for the duration of the journey.



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