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Gold Residential Project

Leave Your Comfort Zone  |  Kaupapa Kāinga - Kia Waewae Kai Kapua

The Gold Residential Project is an additional section at Gold level and is an opportunity to use many of the skills developed during the overall Award experience such as teamwork and leadership.

This involves spending five consecutive days and four nights in a residential setting where you are working towards a common purpose. For example:

  • Youth Camp leader within New Zealand or overseas eg: YMCA
  • Voluntary work within our national parks
  • Restoration project
  • Residential language programme

Participants have the opportunity to share a purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions and work towards a common goal, set out by the participants themselves. Through the Gold Residential Project participants will meet new people, explore life in an unfamiliar environment, develop new skills and, hopefully, have a life changing experience.

Criteria for a Gold Residential Project:
  • You must be 16 years of age and registered for Gold before starting any section at Gold
  • You must be away from home for a minimum of five days and four nights
  • You need to be involved in 8 hours of purposeful activity each day
  • you should be with people you don't already know


Here’s a general LIST OF IDEAS that you could do for your Residential Project, or use as a starting point to create a programme of your own. Below is a list of specific organisations that may provide events/activities that meet the criteria for a Gold Residential Project.

Need some creative, unique examples? Click here for a list of recent projects.

Once you have decided on your Gold Residential Project complete the flowchart checklist here


New Zealand


Here are just some of the options available outside of New Zealand.


Habitat for Humanity 

Luca Leadership

Oyster Worldwide

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Journeys

Volunteer World


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