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"I have really enjoyed my time participating in the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award, from Bronze through to Gold. I have learnt many life skills such as teamwork, helping and serving others, and determination and drive to get things done".

 Olivia, 2020 Gold Award Recipient

What's involved?

There are three levels to the Award—Bronze, Silver and Gold—each progressively more challenging.

Each level has four specific sections—Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey (with a fifth—Residential Project—at Gold level)—that you'll choose your activities from.

The table below gives you a good idea of what's involved at each level, for each section, but bear in mind that if you're already playing a sport, learning a skill (e.g. learning to drive or play a musical instrument), or helping others in your community, that time may count towards your required hours:

Note - At Bronze level discretion is allowed for a young person to start in the school year they turn 14 in order to start their Bronze with their peers.

Young people who have completed their Bronze level may start their Silver level without a delay being imposed, even though they are not yet 15.  There is no exception for Gold.

You can start your Silver or Gold Award without completing any previous levels (this is known as 'direct entry') - provided that you meet the age requirements (i.e. 15 for Silver, and 16 for Gold) plus additional time and training requirements, outlined in full here


Who sets my programme?

The Award is your own because you design it. You choose the activities that suit your particular passions and ambitions, then set your own goals, and record your own progress. The only person you'll compete against is yourself, by challenging your own beliefs about what you can achieve.

Ready to get started? Select your level:



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Activity Ideas for each section

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