Joshua Foundation

The Joshua Foundation is a Community focused organisation that is built upon Character; Courage Commitment, Integrity & Respect.

Founded by Chris & Pamela Allan in 2004 Joshua Foundation is deliberate and methodical in its approach and intentionally looks for opportunities to develop Leaders within our Community. They aim to offer programmes that will empower young people to become disciplined, resourceful, confident and self reliant with the emphasis being placed upon fostering initiative, building self esteem and developing a personal self belief. There is a natural symmetry with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and they became part of the team over 12 years ago.

Joshua Foundation is a community focused organisation that delivers leadership training; Adventure based learning activities and mentoring programs to organisations throughout New Zealand & the South Pacific. Chris Allan of the Joshua Foundation is an accredited facilitator for the Award.

Joshua Foundation are an Open Award Centre and offer the Adventurous Journey Training and Adventurous Journey sections of the Award. They conduct journeys on a weekly basis within the Canterbury area; and can facilitate an expedition for any young person within the community. They provide quality training, supported by experiential practice expeditions complimented with challenging expeditions.

They can provide expeditions on foot, horseback, kayak, and cycle. All equipment is provided.


Point of contact

029 456-7482